<tt xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2006/10/ttaf1">
    <div xml:id="captions">
      <p begin="00:08" end="00:10">- Nothing is going on.</p>
      <p begin="00:10" end="00:12.5">You liar!</p>
      <p begin="00:13" end="00:15">Are you?</p>
      <p begin="00:17" end="00:20">Violet, please!<br/>- I am not your babe!</p>
      <p begin="00:24" end="00:29">You silly goose,<br/>look what you gone and done now, ay.</p>
      <p begin="00:34" end="00:36">Vi, please.<br/>- Leave me alone!</p>
      <p begin="00:36" end="00:38.5">- We need to talk.<br/>- Jason, are you serious?!</p>
      <p begin="00:41" end="00:43">What's going on?</p>
      <p begin="00:43" end="00:45">Get out there and try to salvage this!</p>